YSL La Laque Manicure Couture Duo #7

Yesterday I also got my hands two other Yves Saint Laurent nail polishes. These are only sold in pairs, and this pair is called YSL La Laque Manicure Couture Duo #7 (spring 2012).  I wasn’t into this combo after seeing the promo photos, but when I saw the polishes in person, I needed to have them. The idea is to do a French manicure using both of the colors. Personally, I’m thinking a simple two-color manicure or using them separately, as I really don’t like French manicure of any kind.

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2 Responses to YSL La Laque Manicure Couture Duo #7

  1. Patience says:

    Loving the purple colour, (most of my nail polishes are purple)
    personally i am not such a fan of green colours.

  2. Ksenia says:

    The two colours look great together, and separately too! I don’t think they would be a good combination for french manicure though.

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