Would you wear it?

And here I need your help! I recently got this mermaid (at least I think that it’s a mermaid) brooch. I got it as a present, and it’s vintage and really old. It has a JJ seal on it, which means Jonette Jewelry Co. It’s collectable and very rare. It’s just that it’s quite large (my palm size) and I don’t know if it’s too much or not!
What do you think? Would you wear it?

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16 Responses to Would you wear it?

  1. Lilith says:

    I would. On a black winter coat, perhaps.
    It’s really lovely.

  2. Leia says:

    Oh yes, I certainly would! Can she be fastened to an elastic and worn in a ponytail in your hair? I think she would beautifully spruce up a simple outfit – maybe worn on the shoulder on a black top, or maybe as an accessory on a handbag.

  3. heba says:

    I think it would look good on a winter coat but it will be so heavy on summer cloth

  4. jill says:

    I would! There’s something really pretty about it. I think it’s a very nice present:)

  5. Toni says:

    Yes! It would be lovely with heavier fabrics, like a shawl or something. Maybe even with a larger, but more lightweight scarf during the summer?

  6. Vanessa says:

    I actually think it’s quite cute! Maybe wear it with a very simple outfit? Like a black simple dress or something? Or pink it on a bag?

  7. Benni says:

    I Think it would be nice if you try to mix and get it match with some cute jumpsuit.

  8. emelie says:

    I love it! I think you’ve shown here that it can be used as a nice decoration too!

  9. Christie says:

    It’s really nice, I would totally wear it! ;)

  10. Nina says:

    I would. On a simple, white, above knee lenght summer dress I think it would look very elegant.

  11. edita says:

    - intressant blogg du har_!
    kika gärna in hos mej med :)

  12. Manderz says:

    That is a gorgeous brooch. I like the idea of putting it on a handbag.

  13. janerowena says:

    I would wear it pinned to the side of a winter hat. I have several old vintage brooches that I wear that way, it instantky makes the hat look more expensive.

  14. Angelica says:

    Put in on a bag :)

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