You know how I love flowers. A friend of mine has asked me to water his flowers while he’s on vacation over Easter. Of course I was happy to help and said yes, but the trouble is that he has very many flowers, and some of them are really advanced. He has one orchid, a bonsai tree and even a cocoa plant. It must have taken 20 minutes for him to explain how every flower has a specific watering need. Some need watering once every three days, while some need to be watered three times a day. And the orchid needs to be soaked in water, so I have to get a bucket, fill it with water and sink the orchid into it. I’ve been instructed to let it soak for “around” 23 minutes, so I have to stay there and watch the flower as it was a pie in the oven. I’m still not sure if my friend seriously treats his flowers this well himself, or if he is pulling my leg.

I try to follow his instructions as well as I can, but it seems that so much can go wrong that these days I’m constantly worried about those flowers.

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  1. Christina says:

    lol….nope, he is not pulling your leg :) my roommate has a bunch of orchids too, and she sticks to the same “soaking routine”. As far as I know, orchids are high-maintenance when it comes to watering. The soaking (and draining) once a week is supposed to prevent the roots from getting soggy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not an expert and have killed numerous orchids but my roommate’s are flourishing so it seems to work ;) Hope it helps!

  2. Nice pics!
    Love your sunglasses!


  3. Ivory says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve never seen tulips so big! We must be very deprived in Australia.

  4. elle marie says:

    I have no advice, you see, I’m a girl with a brown thumb!

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