With or without you

Greger loves to come along. Unfortunately, almost no cafés in Sweden allow you to bring your dog unless you sit outside, which is fine when it’s warm outside. Today was pretty cold, but I’d still rather sit outside with Greger than inside without him.

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3 Responses to With or without you

  1. Robert says:

    What does a dog have to do to get a cupcake?

  2. Ana_ILTdP says:

    I understand you perfectly, it happens the same to me with my dog. Lucky me that in The Netherlands they can go almost anywhere!! :D You can even travel by train with them (and only for 3€ day). Tram and buses are free for them. I am happier than ever about this. In Spain dogs are banned everywhere…

    My only concern is about travelling by plane, I don’t like my dog to be with the suitcases… and so cold :(

  3. Jeanne Bleu says:

    I love Sweden too, have been only once but would love to go again. I also prefer eating outside to in, with my dog.

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