Where are you, Hugh?

Living in Sweden, you can see Swedish celebrities every now and then in your daily life. It’s not like Hollywood, where the streets with their houses are protected and they all have body guards. Swedish celebrities pick up their morning coffee at the same cafeterias as regular people, and wear H&M just like us. Some of them buy their food at my local grocery store.

However, even though I’ve been to London many times, I’ve never seen anyone famous there! I feel so cheated. I’m not asking for much, two or three stars would do it for me! I’m going to London really soon, and here’s a list a people I’d like to see:

1. Hugh Grant or

2. Colin Firth! (they’re pretty much the same)

3. Anyone from Harry Potter, especially…

4…Alan Rickman!

5. But Rupert Grint would do, too…

6. Or at least J.K. Rowling (but I don’t think she’s that spectacular)

7. Lisa Eldridge! She seems really nice, and I watch all her videos.

8. Lily Allen (she is great)

9. Rowan Atkinson (especially as Mr. Bean)

10. Nick Hornby (I have sooooo much to say to him!)

So, if any of you who is mentioned above is reading this, can you please be hanging around Marylebone in London around Christmas time? Because that’s where I’ll be staying. Also, if you’re Robert Pattinson, you can come too.

Have any of you guys ever seen a celebrity?

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21 Responses to Where are you, Hugh?

  1. Lotta says:

    If you see Nick Hornby, you have to give him a hug from me, and thank him for his brilliant books, ok?=)
    I saw owen wilson in my town, he just took the train, like everybody else…and no one even looked at him, that`s so typical for Switzerland…
    xoxo Lotta

    • Antonia says:

      Lotta, I don’t know about a hug – do I dare??=)) I can tell him you said Merry Christmas=)
      Owen Wilson!! He’s huge now, isn’t he! I had to google his name to make sure it’s the right one!

  2. Leia says:

    I’ve seen a few celebrities in London, just walking around the streets (Regent St in particular!) but none of the ones you mentioned above 🙁 There was a famous make-up artist called Ruby Hammer who lived in my building but I didn’t even know who she was until much later!

    • Antonia says:

      Well, I’m not to picky! Anyone would be nice, really=)
      I see what you mean, I didn’t know about Ruby Hammer until now (I’ve looked her up), so I wouldn’t tell either. She seems very successful, though!

  3. Layla says:

    Jag har träffat min största, på en mässa i Milton Keynes! ^^
    Såg även några andra under den mässan =)

    • Antonia says:

      Jaha, jaha, så vem var det då??? och de andra?=) Vad mystisk du är=))) Och vad var det för mässa?
      ps. Har varit på Gina idag, min tshirt fanns bara i XL..=/

  4. Anna says:

    Я работаю журналистом, поэтому видела их десятками, но я бы с удовольствием променяла их всех разом на одну мааааленькую встречу с Аланом Рикманом. Даже не на встречу, а на возможность увидеть его где-нибудь на улице.
    Но с другой стороны, мне кажется, я бы даже его не узнала – в обычной жизни знаменитости выглядят очень неприметно и обычно. В коридорах перед пресс-конференциями они ничем не отличаются от журналистов (за исключением только каких-нибудь ярких эстрадных звезд – например, Snap Turbo B, Corona, Boney M…). Например, Крис Норман и Демис Руссос были совершенно обычными, и Нормана я даже сразу не узнала – он просто пил кофе из обычного стаканчика и выглядел даже неприметнее мальчика-хостесс) То же самое с актерами – возможно, я просто невнимательная, но я узнаю их в последний момент и потом еще долго сомневаюсь, правда это он (она) или мне показалось)

  5. Anna says:

    И да, я забыла сказать: я желаю тебе обязательно встретить в Лондоне десяток звезд (и привезти оттуда фото Рикмана)))).

  6. Marta Moslw says:

    Hahaha! You’re so funny!! I hope you’re lucky this time and meet some famous person in your list!! I can’t believe you made that amazing and stunning gingerbread house!!! I wouldn’t be able to eat it afterwards!! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog, you’re really sweet!


  7. Stylista says:

    Ah, you always have the brightest, happiest photos of all. Ooo! Hugh Grant! Wouldn’t mind seeing him either!


  8. Your mum says:

    Can you also add to your list
    Rupert Everett, Daniel Craig, Hugh Laurie (when he is visiting his family) , Joseph Fiennes (his older brother may also come)?
    Just for me.

  9. Laura C. says:

    I saw LL Cool J on a street in New York one time (he’s an american rapper/actor) . Here in Seattle I have seen Bill Gates, does he count? Haha. 🙂

    • Antonia says:

      OMG, Bill Gates counts soo much!! I’m a little jealous on “your” celebrities, Laura! Especially Bill (it’s like, everyone knows who he is, with no exception=))

  10. Cee says:

    When I used to work in a retail store I met a few celebrities- Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Silverstone, Channing Tatum and some Canadians- but never anyone I truly would have liked to meet. Nicky Hornby would be fascinating. I lvoe his books 🙂

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  12. Jennifer says:

    Hi Antonia,
    Just found your blog but thought I’d let you know that the best place to find Hugh Grant in the UK is on the golf course. I was at university in St Andrews, Scotland and there is a celebrity golf tournament there every October (the Dunhill Links) and Hugh is always there alongside a few other film stars and sports people. It’s quite surreal as the town is tiny, only 14,000 people so the chances of bumping in to people are very high and celeb spotting is very easy, saw Hugh a few times but I’m a golf freak so was more interested in the professional golfers. I think one year Hugh even went to a student party. Was a fabulous place to study in. For Colin Firth try Chiswick as he and his wife own a shop called Ec0-Age on the Highstreet there. Good luck!

  13. Karen says:

    I’ve actually seen Alan Rickman in the New London Theatre when going to War Horse. He was sitting the row before us and it took us nearly half an hour of whisperingly discussing and him casually saying hello at the interval before we freaked out. Hahaha.

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