What to give to a boyfriend

doftljus smelling scented candle swedish love affair

The photo has nothing to do with it really

A still get asked what presents me and Hannes exchanged for Valentine’s. I can’t really tell you what he got me, mainly because my Grandma and my younger cousins read Swedish Love Affair daily. However, since he is really interested in fine beers, I got him a course about how to brew your own beer. It consists of lectures and actually brewing beer. He really liked it, and yesterday it’s been the first day of the course.

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6 Responses to What to give to a boyfriend

  1. Laura C. says:

    My bf loves covering his face with pillows in the morning so I got him a little UglyDolls (really popular in the U.S.,not sure about Europe) which is like a nice little fat pillow……He’s in looooooove with it.


    Beer related things are great gifts as well! We have a lot of microbreweries here in the northwest U.S. so its nice to experiment! :-)

  2. elle marie says:

    I totally understand that feeling.. i’m between my personal blog and professional one, so I have to remember to keep things tame sometimes… “giggles”…

  3. Leia says:

    That sounds like the perfect present! Hmmm… I am guessing he got you something risqué ;)

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