What Greger does when no one is home

male italian grayhound greyhound profile swedish love affairI own a nice vintage fur coat, which I always keep hanging in the hall when not in use. When I’m home Greger pretends he knows nothing about it. He doesn’t even ever look that way, he’s just not aware of the existence of this fur! However, every time I come home after being away, I always find it lying on the floor. Meanwhile, Greger is always sleeping under a blanket. There’s nothing I can say to him, and I can’t punish him either, as I’ve never seen him taking it. But I can imagine how every time when I go out the door he jumps up and pulls it down, killing it a little bit more each time. He’s finally fulfilling his destiny as a dangerous beast fighting and killing another enormous furry animal!family dog male italian grayhound greyhound profile swedish love affairsmall family dog male italian grayhound greyhound swedish love affair

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11 Responses to What Greger does when no one is home

  1. Anne says:

    My jack russel, Paul, does that too! Only, he’s not as stealthy as Greger and gets caught a lot of the time. Sometimes when I come home from work, I find Paul up on my kitchen counter, looking for something tasty! I’ve tried to tell him off whenever this happens, but he gives me the puppy stare and my heart just melts!

    • Antonia says:

      That happened to Greger once (!) but my stepfather saw him! Greger started screaming like crazy, just because he knew he was doing something terrible=)

  2. Patricia says:

    OMG! Greger kills me! He looks so sweet & innocent! Hilarious! :D

  3. cupcake says:

    Greger I’m shocked!!! He looks so innocent too. Maybe he’s cold?
    My Jack Russels are very naughty too! If we go for a walk and don’t take the little one, she wrecks the front hall (only time she will do that) tears everything apart. That’ll learn us!!

  4. Susie says:

    I love Greger! He’s sooo adorable! Bogart does sneaky things like that too–he likes to curl up and sleep on my faux fur jacket or cashmere sweaters and then growl if I try to take them away! What can I say, he has a taste for the finer things in life!

  5. zarna says:

    oh my goodness – he is adorable!!! great picts!

  6. Leia says:

    Ohh you naughty doggy, Greger! Get away from mama’s fur coat! ;)

    P.S. Your hair looks AMAZING in these photos!

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