What are your favorite apps?

Hi guys! I wanted to ask you about your favorite Iphone apps. I’m quite tired of the ones I have: Plants vs Zombies, Hipstamatic, Fatbooth, even Wordfeud… Angry Birds feels old too.
Do you have any tips? What are your favorite apps?

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14 Responses to What are your favorite apps?

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the game Doodle Jump, never get tired of it! Also there’s a game called Zuma’s Revenge, very funny :)

  2. I’ve been using Instagram, Camera+, DrawSomething, Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends, GoodReads and a Flashlight app which is super handy!!

  3. Natasa says:


  4. Nina says:

    My favorite right now is Tiny Tower! =) Angy Birds Seasons and Fruit Ninja are also good. As a planning goof, Epic Win saved my life many times. It makes planning and completing tasks really fun. The rest is books, dictionaries and language learning apps =)

  5. Maria says:

    I love Bookworm and Wurdle! Check them out :)

  6. Laura says:

    I have a Windows Phone but I use Shazam all the time as well! My friends and I make a game out of guessing songs :)

    I just downloaded one called “Astronomy Hub” that has some fantastic space pictures and articles. Probably available for iphone and if not Im certain there are dozens of other cool space apps our there…:)

  7. Дарья says:

    Мне нравится Instagram, люблю рассматривать красивые фото:) Pinterest для айфона тоже, кстати, есть. А из игр моя любимая – Cut the rope, там очень милый лягушонок:)

  8. Layla_White says:

    When I was a child I loved Super Mario, app Lep’s World is the nearest to it ))) so it’s my favourite )))

  9. Layla_White says:

    Btw you look beautiful ))) well, as usual, on this photo you have a very serenity look

  10. Ana_ILTdP says:

    - My favorite of all times: Evernote, it is fantastic.
    - For groceries listing: out of milk
    - For playing: angry words
    - For camera: retro camera
    - Mind maps for personal thinking moments ;)

  11. S says:

    Im addicted to Instagram – add me ubinunc

  12. Hannah says:

    I always love your pictures, but some of these are really gorgeous! I love the peonies, and the top one of the trees against the blue sky is so beautiful that I pinned it to Pinterest :)

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