Wednesday list

At the moment I’m wearing a pair of leopard leggings, a t-shirt from Weekday and an old Odd Molly cardigan.

Your location right now?
I’m sitting in my bed, which is my favorite place to be when I’m reading or surfing on the internet.

Wishing for?
Surprisingly, lately I’ve been wishing for Christmas to come as soon a possible! Also, I’m longing till Friday, when we’re going to see Fibes, Oh Fibes! live.

What have you eaten today?
Breakfast: Porridge with milk
Lunch: Fried potatoes with salmon and beetroots
Dinner: Three cheese sandwiches, since I was to lazy to prepare anything else. In fact, I made Hannes make them for me!
I’ve also eaten some macarons and a cinnamon bun at a friend’s place today.

Plans for tomorrow?
Tomorrow I might be going to Malmo for some shopping and a lunch date. I also really need to get some Italian studies done!

Latest purchase?
Unless you count groceries, like clementines, bread and cucumbers (today), I bought some socks, underwear and two t-shirts yesterday. I wasn’t planning to, but I couldn’t resist when I saw that the price had been cut in half two times!

What are you reading right now?
A novel by John Fowles called A Maggot. I’ve only just started reading it, but it seems to be some kind of historical fiction.

Where would you like to travel right now?
Right now I’m quite happy to be at home, to be honest. However, Rome is always a very attractive destination for me, and especially now that I’m studying Italian! Also, I’m really looking forward to my vacation in Paris in November.

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