Wearing a chignon

Thank you for all the nice hair compliments, guys! Really, thanks.
My hair routine is pretty simple, I’ll make a post about it soon. However, my hair is pretty long these days, so whenever I have a bad hair day I make a chignon, a bun. Something like this. A pretty strict one, not Brigitte Bardot one!

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4 Responses to Wearing a chignon

  1. Lynzy says:

    Your blog is so adorable and the layout is great! That aside, I am excited to see more posts from you, you have great fashion sense :) )

  2. jill says:

    Looking forward to that post! =)
    I prefer a chignon your way, it looks really good!

  3. Leia says:

    It looks lovely :) I really like to put my hair in a bun, but I don’t think it really suits my face!

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