Wanna pepperoni?

New H&M nail polishes: Wawawoom, Wanna Pepperoni and Notoriously Beautiful

New H&M nail polishes: Wawawoom, Wanna Pepperoni and Notoriously Beautiful

It’s been a while since I last bought a new nail polish. Ever since I got this Mavala kit I’ve been kind of restraining myself from getting new varnishes. I haven’t even tried out all of my Mavalas yet!
However, when I saw these new H&M shades this afternoon, I couldn’t resist anymore. I bought Wanna Pepperoni (swatch), Notoriously Beautiful and Wawawoom. I picked out two more shades and now I’m regretting not buying them. I think I’m going back to the store as soon as I get the chance, and meanwhile I’ll be posting swatches of these babies.

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4 Responses to Wanna pepperoni?

  1. Laura C. says:

    Ah, the H&M’s here rarely carry nail polishes! Either that or Im just terrible at finding them. :-)
    I sent you a little email btw!

  2. araceli Estrada says:

    I never noticed H&M carried nail polish. I am going to check tomorrow. These are fantastic! I usually buy polishes by Essie or OPI. I just bought an Essie nail polish in a matte blue. But I will definitely be checking my local H&M for some fun colors.

  3. Susanna says:

    Nu ska jag fråga dig en sak som jag tänkt fråga länge. Du verkar ju vara något utav en expert på nagellack, så jag undrar över ett problem jag ibland har när jag målar naglarna. Det blir som luftbubblor under nagellacket och jag har försökt googla och göra som de bloggarna tipsar om, men jag tycker det blir bubblor ändå. Och det är vissa nagellack som krånglar hela tiden. Tack på förhand! :)

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