Waiting for a secret

Do you talk in your sleep? I don’t do it, but Hannes does all the time. He says the weirdest things when he is halfway between asleep and awake. In the middle of last night, he woke me up and started complaining about me not letting him come along to a karaoke bar. I haven’t been to a karaoke bar for years, so I knew he was just talking nonsense again. Still, he sounded really serious and felt that I had hurt his feelings.
He never remembers these things. When I first experienced this, I thought that sooner or later he might tell me something interesting or that he would tell me some secret in his sleep. I’m still waiting for that.

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  1. Toni says:

    Believe it or not, my bf once slapped me in his sleep (not hard or anything, but enough to startle me) ^^ Needless to say, he felt really bad when I told him, although he couldn’t remember anything. This might happen if you try to wake someone up during REM-sleep, as the person is most probably dreaming and VERY difficult to get awake. I’ve never talked in my sleep, my ex did though.

    • Antonia says:

      Interesting! Sometimes when Hannes starts talking I try to provoke him to say more. You can have a “normal” conversation with him when he’s talking in his sleep, except that he delivers these really weird answers! I make fun of him because of this, a lot))

  2. beautiful photographs!!
    i love your blog!

  3. heba says:

    haha I don’t do that usually .but I did it once and pulled my sister’s hair

  4. Sasha says:

    My ex boyfriend did it all the time! hahahah it was really funny. He would tell me about things he was doing in his dream and sometimes just non-sense and jumbled words. I would also try to talk to him as if having a conversation. Its interesting what people keep in their heads, figuratively speaking. I still bug him about it. lol!

  5. Krystian says:

    Hej! Besök Stucked! Sajt speciellt för Dig! ;)

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