Voice recorder

My new Iphone 4S has a high quality digital voice recorder. When I had my old phone I never used its dictation machine at all, but now I record things all the time.

I record everything! For example, when Hannes sings a song, or when Mattias tells a funny story. Hannes has recorded his version of how we met four years ago, and I was surprised to hear how much it differs from my own version of the same episode! I make my friends and family tell their best memories (Christmas memories, for instance) to my phone, and then I save them for later.
Some people ask me why I do it, and I say it’s just for fun. And it actually is fun!

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3 Responses to Voice recorder

  1. Araceli Estrada says:

    That actually sounds like a great feature. I don’t have an iPhone yet, but all of my friends do. I have not seen any of them use this feature yet. I like how you are using it.

  2. Melissa says:

    My iPhone 4 has the same feature as well! I’m a speech-language pathologist and use it all the time to tape my patient’s sessions. I love my real tape recorder to death, but when I’m going from clinic to clinic it just gets so inconvenient to carry.

    That chocolate looks wonderful, as well! I love super dark chocolate :)

  3. dadikz says:

    Of course, iphone have a really great voice recorder. I use it too :) .

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