Visiting a baby store

Recently we were to one of those baby stores. Now that the baby could come any day, it feels like it’s time to get him some stuff. Now, the store was absolutely huge! I didn’t even realize how much stuff one tiny little person might need!
Anyway, we bought quite a lot of things there, like first toys, a sleeping bag, a device for carrying the baby, a nice stroller bag, a pretty advanced nursing bra for the mum, a tiny baby bathtub and more. I can’t wait to show you all the stuff! However, we still need to buy a car seat for the baby, so we can actually take a drive from the hospital when it’s time to!

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4 Responses to Visiting a baby store

  1. Vera V. says:

    Cool pictures!) They definitely shouldn’t have put stuff for pregnant women at lower shelves! All the best to you and your baby!!

  2. Nina says:

    The look on your face in the second shot is priceless, thinking there are a lot of stuff in the store =) Good luck to you all three when welcoming your baby boy into this world! ^^

  3. janerowena says:

    I can remember seeing a wall of about 30 pushchairs and feeling like crying, too tired to choose.

    It won’t be long now, soon it will be over. x

  4. Laura says:

    Like Nina said, the look on your face in the last pic is worth a thousand words. Hehe. :D Good luck! Side note, I have the same (or ridiculously similar) boots!

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