University theater

Yesterday night I was to a university theater performance. It was a humorous live musical about Albert Einstein. The show was very enjoyable with musical numbers and a live orchestra.
In the above photo Marie Curie is showing Albert Einstein some radioactive radium, while Sigmund Freud is applying his psychoanalysis theory on the situation.

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6 Responses to University theater

  1. Karen says:

    That sounds and looks like a very interesting show. Did you like the show?

    • Antonia says:

      I did, partly! Although, I do prefer professional theater, to be honest.

      • Karen says:

        Was it a production from a drama school or a drama group from a ‘regular’ university? Because the latter usually don’t have enough funds in Belgium. I don’t know how the situation is in Sweden though.

        Still, it’s made me very curious.

  2. Heba says:

    a musical about Albert Einstein?! that’s interesting

  3. Kelly says:

    sounds like fun! were there even more celebrities in the show, apart from Einstein, Freud and Curie? :)

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