This is simply how I looked yesterday. The little princess is now hanging on my new Coach bag, pretty!

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8 Responses to Tweed

  1. Polina says:

    Cute outfit! What else did you get for your birthday? Happy belated birthday by the way, I have only just gotten a chance to catch up on blogs!

  2. anne says:

    Is it a keyring?this is super cute!

  3. Arantxa says:

    Very pretty! The skirt looks great with the jacket.

    A 10 for your look!

  4. Your mum says:

    Что-то я не помню у тебя такой курточки.

  5. You should take a picture a bit further away from ze bag, I’m curious to see what the keyring looks like in on the bag.

  6. Araceli says:

    Love the jacket and the skirt together and the princess looks adorable.

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