Trafalgar Square

christmas bokeh at trafalgar square london swedish love affairThere has been a lot going on today. First I made a visit to the Fortnum and Mason department store, which has become one of the symbols of London. They have an amazing collection of exotic and exclusive foods and wines, and I ended up buying a box of good chocolate and some cheese. Then I spent almost the whole afternoon inside the beautiful National Gallery. And lastly, before returning home, we went for a nice lager at a traditional English pub.
More to come about the visits to Fortnum’s and the National Gallery!



outside national gallery christmas  trafalgar square london swedish love affair
christmas at trafalgar square london swedish love affair

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3 Responses to Trafalgar Square

  1. Kate says:

    I came over here from your link on Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog. You are so strikingly lovely, Antonia! That last picture could be a print ad photo for D&G or something!

  2. nancy says:

    How did you tie the scarf in the photo?It looks great. Thanks

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