Top five in Gothenburg

Tomorrow me and Hannes are going to Gothenburg for the first time this semester. Here’s my top five things about it:

  1. Getting to meet my family and friends again. It’s been way to long!
  2. Celebrating my mum’s birthday. I can’t wait to give her my present!
  3. Getting away from school for a few days! My schedule has been very hectic the last couple of months, this will be like a vacation.
  4. Going shopping! There are several things I only can get in Gothenburg, that needs to be restocked badly.
  5. Getting Greger back! He’s been staying with my family in Gothenburg this whole semester, but after this weekend he’ll be back with me.
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One Response to Top five in Gothenburg

  1. Araceli Estrada says:

    Nothing compares to being with family don’t you think? Great way to recharge your batteries ;-) Tomorrow I get to spend the day with some family for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait.

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