Tomato bagel with Italian prosciutto

My breakfast today: tomato bagel with cream cheese and Italian prosciutto – and tomato. Orange juice and a couple of nectarines to go.
These tomato bagels are my favorite, but they are also really hard to get a hold of. Luckily, Hannes and Greger happened to wake up very early this morning and got to the bakery before everybody else.

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4 Responses to Tomato bagel with Italian prosciutto

  1. Lilith says:

    Seems extremely yummy! :)

  2. yummie! Bagel is my favourite bread!


  3. Kelly says:

    I love it when my boyfriend gets up before me to handle breakfast! In this day and age, that’s one of the few galant /romantic things he can do (I mean, he can’t have a duel with one of my suitors :) )

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