Today I am…

Today I am:

- Sporting a different kind of hair style with a chignon on top (sometimes I wear it like this)
- Having chocolate balls. I posted a recipe before.

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7 Responses to Today I am…

  1. Kat says:

    Oh my goodness, the Swedish chocolate balls are so delicious! I really miss them; they’re the best little fika treat! I will have to try your recipe. :)

    Your hair looks stunning. I wish I could make mine look as lovely!

  2. Leia says:

    Your hair looks very pretty like that!

  3. laura says:

    Great pictures…very nice… check me out…

  4. Shelly says:

    Really beautiful pictures, that café looks brilliant! I love what you’ve done with your hair, the chignon is so pretty :)

  5. Ivory says:

    You should wear your hair like this more often. You look stunning and a little like Audrey Hepburn ;)

    Ivory x

  6. Heathre says:

    Kinda reminds me a little of An Education.

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