Through Instagram

New Year's Eve!

I thought today we’d take a look at some of my recent Instagram photos!

Everyone were supposed to wear masks to the party:

My mask and my clutch:

The food at the New Year’s dinner. Can’t really remember what dish it was, I think some kind of fish:

Greger taking it easy and some of my belly:

Hannes and I in the local newspaper last week:

Late at night before going to bed yesterday (my favorite sleeping t-shirt!):

Dinner with Hannes’ mum last week, I had crustaceans:

Greger going by train:

Shopping for dresses (trying out):

Dinner with mum and stepdad:

Keeping my hairdo safe from the weather:

Lucia celebration at the university in December:

Hannes putting up some light in our new apartment, which was the first thing he did when we moved in:

Me in the elevator after work, 5 months pregnant here:

At the café at a second hand store with Mattias:

Bath bombs and a perfume I like by the Italian brand L’Erbolario:


In the kitchen a couple of weeks ago:

I just got myself an Instagram account, but I think I’ll be updating a lot. I go under swedishloveaffair.

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4 Responses to Through Instagram

  1. Nani Wijaya Nasution says:

    I think Greger is a very lucky animal to have such a nice home, so many poor cats live on the street here in Indonesia.

  2. Nicki says:

    I liked all the pictures. When I saw your mother’s beautifully polished nails, I know where you inherited your ability to have attractive nails; your nails have always inspired me to make mine more neat and tidy. I am very curious as to why you and Hanes were featured in your local paper; can you share the details with all your readers?

  3. Vera V. says:

    Very nice photos! It’s great that you are on Instagram, I’ve always been curious about it.

  4. Marion says:

    I love how Greger poses, he’s like a model, focused and poised :)

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