Three course dinner

Here are some of the food I had yesterday, starting from the dessert! The main course was fish, and the dessert was a lemon and meringue tart, which reminded a lot of my lemon curd pie!

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4 Responses to Three course dinner

  1. Sabah says:

    That tart looks yum! Hope you had a great time Antonia.

    On a random note, i founstumbled upon this video today and wanted to share with you.

    • Sabah says:

      I meant ‘Stumbled upon’. Sorry for the typo. My bad.

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this video, Sabah! It’s one of the most creative and interesting videos I’ve seen lately! You know my taste. I do agree with the last statement there, too – there’s nothing quite like a real book.

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