This is home

Today it’s time for some mandatory photos of me and my baby! I think Johannes might learn to crawl any day now.

PS. If you’re are not following me on Instagram yet, please do! It’s swedishloveaffair in one word. I post photos all the time!

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6 Responses to This is home

  1. LeahSephira says:

    awww he is so adorable!

  2. Kim says:

    Oh my, he is just so beautiful! The second photo is stunning, and I love the one with you two together. Hi Johannes :)

  3. Aleka Sarah says:

    Followed you! I’m Aleka_Sarah on Instagram. :D

  4. Katrusya says:

    Интересно… У меня одной каждый раз вырывается вслух: “Привет, мой хорооооший!” ? ))))

  5. Anonymous says:

    Un cucciolo meraviglioso!!!

  6. Nika says:

    Did he? Most three month-old babies don’t crawl yet!

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