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crystal chandeliers with candle holders swedish love affairWhen I started writing Swedish Love Affair I thought my readers would mostly be girls of my age and with similar interests! Imagine my surprise, when I found out that some of my readers a much younger than me, and some are much (much) older! And I’m not even talking of my Grandma, who, I know that, reads this blog too. And get this, many of the readers are not female – at all!

I answer every single comment, and now, to make it even more practical, you can subscribe to the follow-up comments in the comment field! So your precious words don’t go to waste, and you can actually see my (and other people’s) response. Also, subscription to the blog by e-mail is available now, right here on the right————————–>

Also, Sandy of Shanghai Style has published an interview with me – check it out!dinner table chandeliers candles swedish love affaircrystal chandelier candle holders swedish love affair goldgold mirror lamp crystal swedish love affairchandeliers mirrors lamps candles swedish love affairdog italian greyhound statue figurine swedish love affaircupboard chandelier mirror swedish love affairlamp chandeliers with candles swedish love affair

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22 Responses to This and that

  1. Anna says:

    I think it’s because your blog is so honest, it appeals to many different types of people, dear.

  2. Manderz says:

    It’s always so exciting to see where your readers come from.

  3. chi says:

    Det finns ett lägenhetshus nära där jag bor. Inte liksom vilket som helst utan ett stort blått och pampigt ett, med franska balkonger. Om man kikar in i fönstren så ser man fina stukaturer i taket. Men vet du vad det bästa av allt är med detta hus? De hänger stora fina kristallkronor i trappuppgången vid ingången! Tänk att få bo i ett sådant hus, liksom runt hörnet men ändå så långt bort :)

    • Antonia says:

      Det låter jättefint, chi! De här bilderna är tagna på natten genom skyltfönstret av en antikbutik. Jag har läst några sidor i din blogg, men verkar har missat var du bor. Verkar vara Lund eller Uppsala, tycker jag=))

  4. Cupcae says:

    Great feature Antonia! Your Swedish life is endlessly fascinating, fantastic blog (as I may have mentioned 400x’s before)!

  5. Migg says:

    Oh, great! I’m subscribing now! Beautiful photos, especially the one with “Greger”!

    • Antonia says:

      Good for you! Then, you’ll be receiving an update any minute now=))
      Yes, the sculpture of the dog was fabulous, but a little creepy! I told Greger it’s his Grandfather=)

  6. amanda says:

    sv: haha, ja fast jag har ju gått fem år i gymnasiet redan (bytte linje efter 2 år), så tänkte mest på själva grejen om jag skulle få börja om IGEN :) går ju trean nu.

  7. Manderz says:

    You’re probably my most exciting foreign visitor. I still wonder how you came across me – but I’m so happy you did!

    • Antonia says:

      I don’t remember how I found you, Mandy, but when I started to read your blog once, I felt like I can’t leave it at that, I had to come back. I was actually thinking of you this morning, when Hannes was telling me about his snowboarding skills, haha! I though, that I actually know a “real” snowboarder – but I didn’t say anything=)

  8. cupcake says:

    Correction, I meant in general “the Swedish lifestyle” is fascinating.

  9. Sorella says:

    Så kul att veta att äldre människor läser din blogg också :) . Det du bloggar om är sånt som alla kan tycka om; mode och bilder, och hur du lever.

    Fin intervju du var med i annars :D .

    • Antonia says:

      Jag kan ibland ha lite dåligt samvete att jag inte håller mig till något ämne, som man ändå förväntas. Utan kör på med det jag kommer på. Men det verkar som att folk kan uppskatta spontanitet och kan relatera.
      Tack, ibland kan det vara svårt att svara på enkla frågor, man sätts liksom i perspektiv!

  10. Manderz says:

    The “how” doesn’t matter in the end anyways. And I haven’t been on my snowboard in 2 years but if you want to call me a “real” snowboarder, I’ll take it. Wise of you not to tell Hannes though; men don’t usually take well to that sort of thing for some silly reason.

    • Antonia says:

      Well, you’re the only real snowboarder I know, so yes please!=) And, that’s how you usually meet the best ones – randomly!..
      As for Hannes, I know! The worst thing is that he “pretends” he takes it well. I guess, men are like that.
      Actually, I will probably be making a post about this soon, because sometimes his behavior is driving me crazy!..

  11. Cee says:

    Another gorgeous series of photos! I think this is why your readers are so varied- beauty appeals to all ages and sexes :)

  12. Meleonie ♥ says:

    You really do have such a great blog! Its always really nice to read about your daily life, and of course seeing the cute pictures of Greger! Woo, I’ll definitely subscribe, thanks for putting that up! <3 And, haha, that's so cute that your grandmother reads this blog!^-^

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