Things I never do, makeup-wise

I never:

- Line the inner part of my lower lash line (unless it’s a beige liner)
- Go too retro with my make-up. No exaggerated cat-eyes!
- Use strips of fake lashes
- Apply more than one layer of mascara
- Cover my whole face with foundation
- Contour my cheeks
- Use lip liner (I don’t even own one!)

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7 Responses to Things I never do, makeup-wise

  1. Leia says:

    I line the inner part of my lash line almost every day! It’s quite common in this part of the world. Most girls who don’t wear any make-up at all still line that part of their eyes :)

    I’ve tried fake lashes once but I find they are too much hassle to put on! And I don’t own a lip liner either.

    I do love the way you wear make-up, it looks very natural and pretty but you also use fun colors which always looks so nice!

  2. jill says:

    Interesting! I’m with you on almost everything, but I contour my cheeks from time to time :) So pretty little things in this photo!

  3. Valentine says:

    I love how yo wear you make-up, I think I’ll add some of these points to my own routines :)

  4. Heba says:

    I have a lot of lip liners but I use them as lipstick
    sometimes they’re in shades that is hard to find in lipsticks

  5. Summer says:

    I agree with you on everything :)

  6. Дарья says:

    Согласна со всем. Разве что карандаш для губ нейтрального цвета использую иногда для яркой помады, , чтобы контур губ выглядел аккуратнее.

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