Things are looking up

Perfect light and perfect picture

I’m so into DIY right now. I’m starting several projects a day, and the apartment is full of empty frames, sand paper, painting brushes and other things to satisfy my creative mood. I have involved Hannes in this, and he’s normally not into it at all. But he’s better than me with a hammer and nails, and he’s getting better at understanding my instructions all the time! Can’t wait to share all the stuff I’ve been making with you.

The photo is taken in Jakriborg yesterday
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5 Responses to Things are looking up

  1. Nicki says:

    That is a beautiful picture!!!

  2. Это у вас там, где вы живете? Какая красота!

  3. Тонечка! Сказочное местечко!!! А как у вас городок называется?

  4. Natalia says:

    I probably say it too often, but this time I cannot restrain either – it’s beautiful! :)

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