They got away

As I was walking Greger this morning in the castle forest, two large, beautiful deer ran across our pathway, about 20 meters (60 feet) from where we stood. Luckily I had Greger on a leash at the time, or he would definitely have gone after them. For a long time he kept looking in the direction where they disappeared among the trees, and I suspect he still hasn’t forgotten about the deer that got away.

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3 Responses to They got away

  1. jill says:

    Naw, poor boy for not getting to catch the deer! I wish I’d been there to see them too, sounds fantastic! :)

  2. umanbn says:

    Cute….He definitely looks disapointed with you…I love the way dogs can tell you their whole life story just with their eyes.

  3. mn says:

    He is looking a bit pouty and dreamy. What a cutie pie.

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