There are many loves, but only one obsession

Here’s what was in my gift from the previous post! As you see, it’s a perfume, Obsession by Calvin Klein! This was such a perfect suprise – as you remember, I’ve been going on about how I was in a desperate need of a new fragrance. This is all I dremt of and more! Think autumn, femininity and lust blended with amber, wood, oriental spices and musk. This fragrance goes well with whiskey, roasted coffee, warm leather and naked skin. Basically, it’s sex poured into a bottle, and it’s been sold since 1985 (I wasn’t even around back then)!

I rarely fall for “the newest fragrances” on the market, to me it’s not about trend and fashion. It’s more about the story, the ambience it creates and the personal chemistry.  As for Obsession, I love how it feels… me!

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