The wolf in sheep’s clothing

Mum has sewn a fur coat for Greger now that it’s cold outside. He looks great in it, doesn’t he?
Some people on the street think it’s a tiny sheep, while others are convinced it’s Greger’s real fur.

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6 Responses to The wolf in sheep’s clothing

  1. Klara says:

    Your mum is a genius! I’d like a fur coat like that too!!

  2. donna p says:

    It’s lovely! You have to make a post about how she does it..

  3. Ilona says:

    haha…so cute! Judging by the photos Greger is pretty much in love with his new garment :)

  4. jill says:

    I love this outfit for Greger :) He reminds me of the singer in Oasis!

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