The time

I don’t like subways much. I don’t like the feeling of being underground, and the fact that there are no windows anywhere. Whenever I am in a city that has subways, I try to avoid them as much as I can. I take the bus instead, or a walk.

But there is one thing about subways that I like. It’s the moment when you get out of them, back to the world above ground. Down in the tunnels, I feel as though time stands still. When I get to the street level, and time starts moving again, I feel like I’m one step ahead.

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5 Responses to The time

  1. Patricia says:

    *Wonderful* analogy, Antonia! LUV it! :)

  2. Ano Nymus says:

    That’s the metro in Copenhagen, right?

  3. Sherin says:

    I do love going underground: it’s nice knowing that no one can get in touch with you: it’s like taking a break from all forms of communication.

    That’s a lovely picture as well.

  4. Shannon says:

    Great photo and post. :) We don’t have subways where I live, but I’ve been on the subway in NYC and underground trains years ago. I’ve always found it fascinating that we are able to travel safely on trains that go through underwater tunnels!

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