The official cinnamon bun day in Sweden

Today is the official cinnamon bun day in Sweden! We’re not baking any today (most of my friends are), but Hannes had brought me one for breakfast this morning. It was still warm from the oven!

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5 Responses to The official cinnamon bun day in Sweden

  1. mmmmmm I love these buns and I love Sweden!
    I’ve been at the Ikea yesterday and of course I back home with a pack of them :) ….

    kisses from italy,

  2. Quel says:

    I didnt know there was a special days for these delicious buns :)

  3. Cinz says:

    I like how they have cinnamon bun day in Sweden because i LOVE cinnamon buns!!!! I like how your bun has pink sprinkles on it:) btw, i just came back from Europe not long ago and i went for a day trip to Malmö to visit my cousin:) i loved the place,, so relaxing:)

    Just fyi, i check your blog every now and then despite not commenting:) and i wanted to let you know its a great delight taking a glimpse into your Swedish and sometimes Danish life:) saw your other post, cant believe DK already is setting up the Chrismtas decorations, lol. I had to transit flights in Helsinki and it was the same, xmas stuff to buy and it was only early sept! lol but i suppose that is normal with Finland?


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