The new “Egg”

As I mentioned before, my beloved Egg got lost, and of course, this fact made me pretty sad. Now Hannes has bought me a replacement for it! This one is much fancier than the original Egg, though. It’s pure silver, and the sphere is some kind of expensive crystal – and, to be honest, the price of this new piece was around three times the price of the whole initial necklace!..
Well, sometimes you have to buy a coat to match your new gloves!

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4 Responses to The new “Egg”

  1. Kate says:

    Yay! It is really pretty, so sweet of Hannes to find a replacement for your lost egg :)

  2. UCLA girl says:

    Really nice crystal!
    I love that saying, buying a coat to match your gloves :) Well put!

  3. A little mermaid says:

    Beautiful stone! First pic is mesmerizing!

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