The half-Italian kind of dating

antonia wavy hair swedish love affairBefore I met Hannes I used to date. A lot, and often not only one guy at a time. Overall, I’d say dating is tricky, but I did experience some funny and interesting moments on my romantic dates.

Once I met a guy on the bus. At the moment I already considered myself being in love with another guy, but he didn’t seem to fancy me all that much. And this new one was half-Swedish and half-Italian – which, as you imagine, was really pleasing to the eye! And I’ve always loved everything Italian. So the next day he called me and asked me out for a coffee. When I came, there were two of him! It took me a few seconds to understand my date had actually brought his identical twin brother with him!.. Some would say it’s a dream come true, however, I was shy and unexperienced back then and didn’t think in those terms yet. I tried to think of ways to turn the conversation to reveal which of them was my date. Despite all this, the guys seemed to be comfortable, and in the end of the date I had to kiss both of them, the Italian way.

I’m not giving away any names as I still have them on Facebook. After that first date we saw each other a few more times, but I always felt uncertain about this whole situation (and who is who).  Thinking back, maybe they thought I’m dating them both?

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21 Responses to The half-Italian kind of dating

  1. Nini says:

    Amazing…. Buona e dolce good Morning post!
    Enjoy a pampering Settimana!
    Baci ni

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow. we want names!!!

  3. we wants names!!! :) lets facebook stalk ;)

  4. Patricia says:

    Oh, Antonia! You are too funny! Sounds to me like these twins were two halves that created a whole(which I hear happens with twins), and that’s why *you* ended up confused and they got the best of both worlds! LoL! :D

    • Antonia says:

      Yeah, that’s what my mum told me too! She wasn’t surprised at all when I told, she was like “didn’t you know twins do everything together?”. But I mean, like, everything??

      • Patricia says:

        Hahaha! Antonia, since you’re still friends, I’d ask if they really do *everything* together or if they have! That should answer your question! LoL! :D

        • Antonia says:

          I mean, we are not that close=) I don’t even know why they added me (they have separate accounts, though!) but it seemed rude to “ignore”. And then again, what if the answer on that question is “yes”?? That would give me some sleepless nights;)

          • Patricia says:

            Ahh, I understand now! And, then they are more ‘acquaintances,’ and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to “ignore” requests like that.

  5. Lotta says:

    I think they couldn`t decide who is going to get you =)!
    I would love to hear, how you`ve met Hannes and how you fell in love…

    Love Lotta

  6. Linda says:

    Hahahaha, I love this kind of stories! Thanks so much for sharing this, Antonia, reading your blog is such a fun way to start the day!:D
    I once dated an italian guy (for a short period), but I think he was a bit too passionate for me. He wanted to make out in public in the most vulgar way – all the time!:/

  7. Leia says:

    Hilarious!! I have two brothers and they are twins, and people have often confused them although to me they look *completely* different. I hope they’ve never tried to date the same girl at the same time! :P

    • Antonia says:

      But are they identical twins or just twins? You know what I mean.
      Well, you never know, there are girls who might like that=)

      • Leia says:

        They are identical. When they were younger, you could barely tell the difference between them! But now, since they have different hairstyles and dressing styles, they look more like brothers than twins :)

        Oddly there have been some girls that have gone out with one brother first and then the other brother. I find that a bit creepy! haha

  8. Anne says:

    LOL what a funny story. have you got more dating-disaster stories, Antonia?
    when I was younger, I used to date a guy who always picked me up in his car, and then just drove around. On every date, that’s what we did. We’d see films at drive-in cinemas, eat dinner from drive-through McDonalds and the likes and even played drive-in Bingo.
    I wasn’t enjoying myself very much, but I really liked the guy, so I went along with these drive-through dates four or five times, before giving him up.
    One of my male friends later told me that it was because this guy was very nervous and felt more secure in his car, which apparently was a really fancy one. Bentley, I think. I didn’t realize that his car was supposed to be a big deal, to me it was just a car.
    I hope the poor boy eventually met a girl who could appreciate his vehicle lol!

  9. Mads says:

    hahaha that’s crazy!
    A girl in my high school dated a twin, but the other twin would always join them on dates. I thought the “triple” date thing was always very bizarre. Who are you actually dating? You never know for sure ;)

    • Antonia says:

      That was exactly my problem! I guess you have to be a certain kind of person to date a twin, in a good way, but still! Triple date IS bizarre, in fact, I think double date is weird enough=)

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