The Body Shop haul

The body shop haul body butter scrub eyeshadow shimmer cubes 18 cranberry passion swedish love affairI decided to make a series of posts about the things that I bought in London and the things I got for Christmas. I’m starting with the things I bought in The Body Shop. I think some of their body and spa products are great, and this time I also bought some make-up to try out.
I bought a lot of body butter: Cranberry Joy, Passion Fruit and Brazil Nut (this one is my favorite). Though, the most interesting product is the body scrub in Cranberry Joy. This exfoliant smells really fresh of cranberry or raspberry, looks like a jam and feels really light. I bought three of them, and I have already given away one to a friend – the rest is staying with me though!

I will try out the eyeshadow and show you a swatch later. However, I’m already in love with The Body Shop‘s cult product, the shimmer cubes. This is my first one, nr 18, but I love how they are packaged separately, so you can always pick one or two and bring with you!

Do you have any The Body Shop favorites?

The body shop haul cranberry joy scrub  love affairThe body shop haul  eyeshadow shimmer cubes 18  swedish love affairThe body shop haul  eyeshadow shimmer cubes 18  swedish love affair

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7 Responses to The Body Shop haul

  1. Lotta says:

    I love the white musk bodyspray, it`s my perfume for summer, and because I love everything coconutty, the coconut lipbalm is one of my favorites…
    xx Lotta

  2. Leia says:

    I used to love those shimmer cubes! The separate packaging was the best part. I decided recently that shimmer eyeshadow doesn’t really do much for me and that mattes look much better, so my shimmer cubes are sitting neglected in a corner now! That cranberry stuff looks amazing.

  3. cupcake says:

    I use the shimmer cubes for my eyeshadow…only I have the dark browns and copper (i use the copper daily). I wish they sold them seperately tho, I have to buy the whole thing to get one cube :( !

  4. Emily says:

    Love those body shop eyeshadows! One of my favorite kind of eyeshadow I own! :)

  5. Cee says:

    I love The Body Shop, particularly the body butter- I’ve been using it for years! My favourite scent was satsuma; it smelled just like the real thing. I think they’ve discontinued it, though, sadly :( I’ve never tried shimmer cubes; I didn’t realise they were packaged in such a clever way. I may have to give them a go!

  6. Kristina says:


    I have the same eyeshadows:)

    и у меня тоже есть баттер бразильянского ореха, которое, к сожалению, как мне сказали, сняли с производства :( (((

    ещё у меня в фаворитах мыло с пупырышками, которое тоже больше не продаётся:((

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