The big red cat’s tale

I wasn’t the only one who showed interest in the birds. This big red cat clearly wanted to come over for dinner.

But how to reach the birds?

The cat walked all around the giant cage but found no entrance.

The birds looked out at the cat and the little ones sang their joyful song, and it seemed to the cat that they were taunting him.

An idea struck the cat, “maybe I can get to them from up there? ”

“I have to find a way to climb up this fence! ”

And so, the majestic beast made his way high up the fence, mere feet away from its prey.

“Aw, man… I still can’t reach them! I’ll have to get to the top of this thing. ”

So he climbed on top of the cage and walked all around it, while looking down at the birds.

He thought he’d start with a couple of small ones for starters, before having the fattest one as main course.

But no luck. The cat couldn’t find a way in, and concluded that it was impossible to enter the cage. Defeated, the cat decided to get down from there. But then he realized what he has realized many times before, always too late: “Oh no! It was easy to climb up here, but how in the world do I get back down? ”

The cat looked everywhere for a way back to ground level, and started calling for help. But none came.

In the end, he took a giant leap and clambered onto a nearby tree. He slid down the tree trunk  and was safe at last.

I was happy that no birds came to harm, but still felt sorry for the cat who had failed so miserably, so I comforted him with a good portion of cuddling.

In the end, the cat seemed to think this was a pretty good afternoon, after all.

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7 Responses to The big red cat’s tale

  1. Marie says:

    Nice tale with happy end.

  2. georgia says:

    sssso cuuuteeee!!! :) )))

  3. m says:

    aww so cute!!!!!! :D

  4. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but i didn’t comment yet. But today i couldn’t resist. Lovely cat, and your description is very nice!
    I love your pictures and your outfits :)

  5. Laura says:

    Ahhhhh, such a lovely strory Antonia! :D What a cool cat

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