The art of coffee

I don’t like coffee art very much. It’s not just that I prefer taste over look, it’s that I think it’s so unnecessary and a bit last century. I want my coffee to feel rustic, robust and professional. When I see elaborate coffee art, I feel that some of the energy that should have gone into making the coffee taste as good as possible went to waste.
What I do find important, though, is the look, size and feel of the coffee cup. I might do a post about that later. First, I have to gather photos of good and bad cups!

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2 Responses to The art of coffee

  1. Christina says:

    Hey Antonia,

    I was wondering, do you feel like the coffee with coffee art does not taste as good because the milk is not even in the coffee? There is one place I go to (in Melbourne) and they also do a lot of art (albeit sometimes inappropriate ones, but I never seem to get them, perhaps I look too conservative, hah!) – but their coffee is wonderful! What are your thoughts? I lived in Sweden for a while too, and the coffee was very strong, but not as flavoursome at the places I had it.

  2. Niken says:

    i don’t mind people putting some work of art over my coffee. but of course, taste comes first!

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