That kind of dress

It’s been raining all day, but I’ve managed to find a dry spot to take these photos. This is an old dress but I still like it, even though I don’t wear it as often as I used to.

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6 Responses to That kind of dress

  1. Your mum says:

    Очень красиво прическа вышла сегодня.

  2. Ksenia says:

    Платье красивое!

  3. Nika says:

    Those boots are gorgeous! Where did you get them?

  4. Вот это да! Тоня!) Какой образ! Красота!!! Это у вас так тепло?!)

  5. Laura says:

    I really like your boots! 🙂

  6. lovely dress you got there!!

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