Temptress is Going Bananas at H&M

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Nail polishes Going Bananas and Temptress by H&M. Swatches are coming up!

I bought two new polishes at H&M today. Both are pastel shades with fine micro-glitter.  One of them is called Temptress and is the perfect shade of lilac I had in mind in this post. The other one is softly yellow called Going bananas. Something yellow while longing for Chanel’s Mimosa. Will post a swatch soon.

I got readers telling me that it’s weird how I use expensive polishes from Chanel, Dior and YSL – and at the same time cheap ones from H&M. That I should “choose a side”, either high end or not! But the fact is that I love both. I like Chanel more, but H&M has a great staying power. So that’s that.

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13 Responses to Temptress is Going Bananas at H&M

  1. Patricia says:

    How odd. I don’t think you or anyone should ‘have to’ choose a brand in *anything.* That’s the beauty of so many brands: variety! :)

  2. Lori says:

    I’m having a hard time spending a lot of money on high-end make-up and cosmetics, because most of the time you can get the same quality and result for less money. You usually have to look a bit harder to find it though. But H&M is a perfect example of this. I bet that this yellow nail polish you purchased isn’t going to be worse than the upcoming Chanel Mimosa (if it is, please tell us! ) =)
    But of course I secretly prefer the high-end brands. I usually get them if I find anything on sale, and I often borrow from some of my friends.

  3. Nini says:

    What the..? I prefer high-end products which I know I can rely on, like my Bobbi Brown foundation etc. but if I find a nice drugstore product that does the job, there’s no way I am going to reject it for a brand name product, especially with items that I know I will not use frequently. For example, bright eyeshadows or eyeliners are something I would only wear a couple of times a year, so I would never buy a MAC version of those.

    Oh, and I literally gasped when I found your blog, my name is Antonia as well, and I’m ethnically Russian/Ukrainian and moved to Norway when I was a child.

  4. Ronette says:

    Har hört mycket bra om H&Ms nagellack faktiskt. Funderar på att införskaffa nåt i nån fin färg

  5. Leia says:

    I don’t think it’s weird at all! It’s completely normal to mix and match high and low ends – I just pick what I like, regardless of the brand.

  6. kajsa says:

    det bästa är ju att inte “välja sida”! jag älskar att blanda hej vilt. blanda dyrt med billigt och gammal med nytt! :)

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  8. Caroline says:

    Ohh swatches nu tack!

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