Tales for adults

Today I’ve spent the day in Copenhagen (for those of you who weren’t sure about this, Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark)! A lot of photos are coming up, but here are the first ones. This is me with the great Hans Christian Andersen, the pride of Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. As I’m sure you know, it’s thanks to him that we know the wonderful tales about “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Mermaid” or “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. Just to name a few.
His stories touch me very deeply anytime I read them. In many ways they are tales for adults rather than for children.

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3 Responses to Tales for adults

  1. Cee says:

    I absolutely agree with that sentiment about Hans Christian Andersen. Although children can enjoy his stories, I’ve always found them very touching and adult :)

  2. Nina says:

    As a child, “The Ugly Duckling” was my favorite Andersen tale that I kept reading it every single night before bed =)

  3. Can’t wait for more photos. I would love to visit Copenhagen one day. And would LOVE to see a series of posts about Stockholm. x

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