Sweet pepino, what a confusing fruit!

Sweet pepino purple stripes

Sweet pepino. I think it looks really cute thanks to the purple stripes!

As for pepino. Sweet pepino is a close relative of potatoes and tomatoes and it originally comes from Peru. Yesterday I tried it for the first time, and the taste really surprised me. The consistency of the fruit strongly reminds of tomato, but it tastes like a mix between cucumber and melon. Very confusing!

Sweet pepino cut in half

Sweet pepino cut in half

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6 Responses to Sweet pepino, what a confusing fruit!

  1. Mayra B says:

    When I saw your first pictures I thought of the sweet pepino I used to have when I was a kid back in Peru. Too bad we don’t have here in the States. Funny that you say it reminds you of cucumber. Pepino is the word used for it. Love your blog!

  2. raffaella says:

    Really very strange fruit or vegetable. Never seen it before! And as for the name, pretty strange as well, pepino in Spanish means cucumber, as Mayra points out.

  3. Laura H. says:

    wow ! that is so strange, i gotta try it !

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