Sweet pea flowers and garden roses for breakfast

Garden roses are always one hundred times better than store bought ones!

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4 Responses to Sweet pea flowers and garden roses for breakfast

  1. san says:

    Its so beautiful antonia <3
    Btw where have you been?you haven't made many post in weeks
    We miss your daily blogs

  2. Дарья says:

    Шикарные цветы и очень романтичные фото!
    Мне тоже нравится ставить букеты в кувшины, особенно такие яркие летные цветы.

  3. san says:

    aaw it’s so beautiful antonia <3
    btw,where have you been?why haven't you post anything lately?
    we miss you're daily blog post :(

  4. Raquel says:

    Hi Antonia,
    These flowers are really beautiful! Love the sweet peas!
    Hope you´re having a nice summer :)

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