Swedish summer dream: strawberries and whipped cream or warm milk

As planned, I made dessert of strawberries and whipped cream after our mooseball dinner. This is many Swedes’ favorite desert; nothing says summer quite like it does. Swedes are a bit divided on how to serve the strawberries, some like it with warm milk, others with whipped cream. Some want their cream to be sweetened, others like it to be plain.
I put some sugar in the cream to give it more taste. To me, it’s not pleasant to have just plain whipped cream – it just feels fat and soft, almost without any taste or scent at all. Hannes, for example, prefers non-sweetened cream. We agree on many things, but not on this one.

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3 Responses to Swedish summer dream: strawberries and whipped cream or warm milk

  1. mn says:

    Haven’t heard about strawberries with warm milk. Do you add warm milk to the bowl or serve it on the side? I think I would prefer the fruit served with the whipped cream (the cream flavored with powdered sugar & vanilla).

  2. Johanna says:

    Vem äter jordgubbar med VARM mjölk i Sverige?! Har aldrig hört talas om det. Är du säker på att du inte tänker på semlor? :)

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