Swedish Princess Cake

Swedish Princess Cake

Swedish Princess Cake

Hannes recently got home and he brought with him a Princess cake, which is a traditional Swedish sponge cake with pastry cream. The green stuff on top is a layer of marzipan. Princess cake is present on most birthday parties (and many other types of celebrations) in Sweden, but today we’re just having one for particular reason.

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10 Responses to Swedish Princess Cake

  1. Julie says:

    Looks yummy, sounds yummy! I want one :)

  2. Hilal says:

    I eat it every time when i go IKEA :D

  3. Liz says:

    I’ve never had one of these, but it sounds like something I would love. Can you make these yourself?

  4. Sephira says:

    mmm! looks really good :)

  5. Shailly says:

    Do they have one in Ikea in the USA? Would love to try some day! :-)

  6. MG says:

    I LOVE princess cake. What a wonderful treat, enjoy!

  7. Sasha says:

    They have these at IKEA!! Im going to try one next time :)

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