Swans in the sky

I saw two swans flying in the sky this afternoon.



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13 Responses to Swans in the sky

  1. jill says:

    These birds took my breath away. They are so beautiful, so perfect. I wonder where they came from, and how long they have to go. Must be so nice, to be able to fly off just like that when you feel like it

  2. Mariya says:

    Какое чудо, белые лебеди… Он и она, так трогательно

  3. Patricia says:

    This picture reminds me of all of the birds, ducks, geese, and egrets(my fave) that are abundant in this area now that spring is here. There’s something exciting and serene about spotting one(white egret) in a random field of green along the roadside. :)

  4. Shailly says:

    I think they just landed in the lake in my backyard . Have to take some pics soon!

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