Suspicious mind

As you can tell from this picture, Greger is a very kind dog, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, he is very protective of me and doesn’t let anyone get away with acting suspiciously. At night, whenever people are standing still in silence, he assumes that they are trying to hide and he barks loudly at them to call them out. No one could ever startle me when Greger is around.

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4 Responses to Suspicious mind

  1. Susie says:

    Aw! I love Greger!

  2. elle marie says:

    I think my little baby Chloe is made at me… I was clipping her nails and went back a bit too much… she was bleeding and I felt so bad, I was even overly careful… so I thought… so.. she’s a bit suspicious with me right now.

  3. Rucha says:

    What a kind dog!

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