Suspense and daily life.

Ok, guys. When I told you I watched this horror movie yesterday, Mirrors, I wasn’t completely honest with you. The truth is that I watched Mirrors, The Ring (I and II) and The Orphan. All in one night. While doing it I felt brave and careless, but today I’m frightened by everything! I’ve been afraid of mirrors, darkness, shadows, water, tv-sets and even children! Luckily, I haven’t seen any horses or deer today, that would have killed me.

Really, such a bad idea. I don’t want that much suspense in my daily life, honestly. And those films aren’t even that great! Well, except The Orphan, which is pretty good.

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  1. Susie says:

    Oh, jeez! I can’t watch scary movies at all unless I read the spoilers ahead of time (then I know what parts to cover my ears and eyes!) I can’t believe you watched all of those back to back!

  2. Patricia says:

    I totally know what you mean! I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to scary movies! I *know* I -shouldn’t- watch, but I still do! And then I regret it!!! My darn curiosity gets the better of me! LoL! Next time, I suggest a “chaser” movie–a funny movie to follow the scary one. Kinda’ helps a little. Oh, and watching during the *day* not at night. But, yes, “The Orphan” was a good one! :) (haven’t seen “Mirrors”)

    • Antonia says:

      The Orphan was so unexpected and uncanny! loved it. I don’t like horror movies with blood spraying all over the place and, like, guts coming out from peoples ears. You know what I mean. I want it to be more classy, scary yet clean. The Orphan is good that way, and also The Others, or The Shining. I’d never watch Saw on the other hand. Mirrors is not very good, don’t waste your time! =))

      • Patricia says:

        That’s a great way of putting it, Antonia! I’m like that too! Blood & gore seem cheesy! The one that still haunts me is “The Blair Witch Project” (fake or not)! It forever ruined the woods for me! And, I’m scared of the dark as it is! LoL!

  3. Styleabaad says:

    Oh I love horror movies, my favorites are The Sining and The Others! Sounds like you saw a bit too many of the in one night!

  4. Cee says:

    I honestly can’t believe people watch horror movies at all, never mind four in one day!! My best friend loves them, but for me, I’m better off if I don’t watch them at all. I get startled much too easily; I hate when things jump out from behind doors, windows, etc.

  5. Lotta says:

    Oh gosh, I watched The Ring like 4 years ago and I`m still traumatized…..=)

  6. kajsa says:

    jag har tittat på serien the walking dead, och nu tycker jag se mig zombies överallt.. :)

  7. Maggie says:

    Have you ever seen The Orphanage? One of the few movies to actually legitimately scare me, but then it turns into this really beautiful fairytale at the end. I highly recommend it. :)

    • Antonia says:

      Yes! I’ve seen it, and I really liked it too. It’s a fairytale, you’re right, but quite a disturbing one. Now I feel like seeing it again, actually=)

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