Sunny Saturday

I thought I’d be going to Copenhagen today, but I woke up too late, so that didn’t happen. However, I had a fun day of hanging out with Hannes (lately he has been working a lot, and I’ve been busy too). I also received a bunch of late birthday flowers and did some shopping. Will be updating again soon!


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14 Responses to Sunny Saturday

  1. kerington says:

    your lipstick’s color is amazing.
    please we need to see what make-up you bought from PARIS :)
    and another thing. did you eat all that food in yesterday’s post? I mean your so tiny to eat all this food :D

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you! I know, I know – I’ll try to document all the stuff today!
      You mean the sandwich?? well, I had the sandwich and my friend ate the baguette in the background:)

  2. Iris says:

    Love you lipstick colour:)

  3. MG says:

    Yes, I definitely “ditto” all the lip color comments. It looks lovely on you. I’m terrified of colored lips so I’ll hang out with my pale pink lip glosses.

  4. Karen says:

    That bright fuchsia looks amazing on you!

  5. Cinz says:

    love that lip color on you, you pull it off really well. Where did you buy it from? Would love to know!:D


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  7. Argyro says:

    the earrings are indeed fantastic!

  8. Rucha says:

    Love the punch of lipstick that finishes off the gold earrings and pink scarf!! Your bright colors cheer me up!!
    P.S: where’d you get the lipstick?? ;)

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