Strange fruit

Today I saw this strange fruit at the grocery store, and of course I had to buy some. I forgot what it’s called, but when I tasted it, it was soft and sweet. This fruit reminds me of quince, but it tastes completely different.

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  1. Nina says:

    Could it be Japanese medlar, perhaps? I’ve eaten a lot of them when I was little, but I’m not sure about it’s name in English.

  2. Pırpır says:

    They are some sort of plums! :)

  3. Kat says:

    Strange Fruit is also a song about lynching in the American South. Billie Holiday’s version is the most famous.

  4. Laura says:

    I think they’re called khakis, I love them too :)

  5. raffaella says:

    In Italy we call them NESPOLE, if it can help you in someway…
    Ciao e baci da Roma!

  6. Your mum says:

    Благодарю, что не умер вчера
    сад мой и домик со старой терраской,
    был бы вчерашний, позавчерашний,
    а поутру зацвела мушмула!
    А. Вознесенский

  7. Natasa says:

    There are NOT khakis! Nespole should be right!

  8. Lex says:

    In south of France there are a lot of this fruits : it’s délicious! it is “nefles” in french and in english after a look on dictionnary it call Mespilus or medlar fruits . I love them so much! When it’s mature it’s very sweet whith a little lemon tast. Don’t eat the peel : the tast is awfull! It is an old fruit a little forgot in this time and you can’t found them very easely in all France ! It become an expression in common language said “pas pour des nefles” means not for nothing!!

  9. Ammy says:

    I think they’re called loquats in English.
    And I absolutely love them!
    I can’t wait for them to be available in some of the specialist produce shops here. They’re delicious. :)

    Ammy x

  10. Natalia says:

    О, я тоже таких фруктов на днях купила попробовать)) В Москве они продаются под названием “мушмула”. А по вкусу похожи на гибрид абрикоса с апельсином)) Текстура абрикоса, а вкус апельсина :)

  11. They are ‘Nêsperas’ in portuguese (or loquat in english).
    You can take a look here:
    It’s a very tasty fruit, very common in Portugal actually. I have it in my garden ;)

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