Spring wardrobe cleaning

Right now I’m in the middle of a spring wardrobe cleaning. I’m throwing out (donating) anything that hasn’t been used for a year. I think more than half of my wardrobe is going!! Sometimes it’s hard to part with things, but I really need more empty space in my closet. Plus, the things that I don’t use make me feel really bad and give me bad conscience, so I’d rather get rid of them and maybe make someone else happy.
I’m also throwing away the make-up that I almost never use, because it bothers me. The same goes for all the stuff which I “might need one day”.

I’m donating most of the dresses I’ve sewn, too. You can see some of them in the photos. At first I felt bad about them, but then I figured that if I’d sewn these, I can sew new ones whenever I want to. Here’s an outfit with one of the dresses (I think it’s pretty), and there’s another one below.

I’m really on a roll, and there’s no one at home to stop me!:)
What about you? Do you anything similar? Or do you keep stuff?

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7 Responses to Spring wardrobe cleaning

  1. Karen says:

    I’ll be going through a massive wardrobe clean-out soon as we’ll be moving. So everything that doesn’t fit goes. As for what fits: if it’s not either flattering, practical or makes me insanely happy it’s going out.

  2. Ana_IloveTdP says:

    Oh! I feel sad when I have to give clothes away, but it what you say, you need more space and there are a lot of things you are not able to use in a whole year. Plus, I think it is a very healthy exercise to be aware of all you have, you don’t use and therefore, you don’t really need. So, keep going! ;)

    In my case, my donations always go to my sisters, they’re always happy with giveaways ;)

  3. Ana_IloveTdP says:

    And I love the pink and brown dress… maybe you should keep that one, it’s beautiful and fits you great. Or give it to some of your friends (your handmade clothes I mean, it is so special you can do that), they will be happy for sure!

  4. Natasa says:

    Keep that pink-brown dress – it is very beautiful and unique and you look great wearing it!

  5. Leia says:

    I’m definitely a clean-up-clear-out kind of person! Every few months I clean out my closet and inevitably end up giving away some stuff. I LOVE that pink dress you made, wish I could sew such beauties!

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