Spring treasures

Above you can see some of the things I like right now. Firstly, tulips! The first day of spring is here,  and what is more appropriate than tulips now? These days we always have fresh tulips at home. Somehow I got Hannes to understand that it’s as important as fresh bread on daily basis.

Secondly, I’m very much into Lucas Papaw Ointment now. It’s one of those great all-round products similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, minus the weird smell. This ointment is based on fermented papaya. Also, it’s an Australian product, and anything from down under is pretty exotic here in Sweden, which I like!

And then we have children’s books. Isn’t it wonderful to get a chance to dive into that world again? I think it is, and I’m so happy I “have to” do it thanks to Johannes now! I especially like books which have nice artistic illustrations in them. What a nice first introduction to art for a child!

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4 Responses to Spring treasures

  1. Cinz says:

    WOW….Antonia!!! I haven’t checked out your blog in a while so thought i’d drop by to see what you been up to and say a little “hi”. And it’s definitely been a while because i see that there’s been a few changes going on! So first things first, big congrats on having your baby son, he’s sooooooo adorable!!!!!

    I love these things you got going on in your Spring season right now! Esp the tulips! I’m glad to hear Hannes as mastered the concept of flowers being as important as fresh bought bread on a daily basis, it’s so cute when you say it like that! ;)

    I’ve also heard about the Lucas Papaw ointment recently, it’s getting quite popular over here in Hong Kong. I found it funny when you wrote how it’s similar to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream minus the weird smell, lol…i used to love using that line of products but i did find the smell awkward too, lol….it was a big thing back then when i went home to visit my family in DK and all my friends were introducing it to me!

    And how cute is that story book for little Johannes!!!! It looks a lot more classy and posh compared to the old Swedish children show, Pippi Långstrump, that i used to watch when i was growing up in DK, lol. Is that show still on or still famous in Sweden?

    Anyhow, I’m so happy to hear your life is so full of joy and happiness with the additional new one in your family. And I believe you got an extra dog too?!!? =D

    Take care for now!!!

    P.S. and keep it up with your blog, your photos are always of such good quality,hehe


  2. I agree about tulips. Bought myself some last week, and now I need fresh ones :)

  3. Niken says:

    i love lucas papaw product too!
    i wish i could get some fresh tulips in here.

  4. ys says:

    excited for spring! any chance the lucas papaw ointment was bought somewhere in sweden? or online? if so, can you please let me know where? heard that this product is amazing. thanks.

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